Chimney Liners and Pipes

Chimney pipes and liner are integral parts of keeping your fireplace and home working safely and efficiently. Lindemann Chimney sells a large selection of chimney pipes. DuraBlack Stovepipe is one of our top sellers and is one of the most durable pipes on the market. Stovepipes are single or double-walled, drip free and connect wood stoves to manufactured chimneys. They completely eliminate the need for cutting and crimping. Stovepipes, along with all of the other pipes in our extensive inventory, are sold in several different lengths, sizes and also come in kits. Our inventory is stocked full of the most durable and high quality selection of stainless steel and aluminum chimney liners. Our chimney liners not only protect your chimney but prolong its life, and assure that you get all the function out of your fireplace or gas appliance that it was intended to provide.Our liner kits come with instructions and all the parts and tools necessary to complete any liner installation. In addition to liners, Lindemann Chimney also sells a vast array of liner accessories. From nose cones, to tees to storm collars, we have what you need to complete any chimney installation safely and professionally.