Fireplace Refractory Panels

Fireplace refractory panels are cost effective and a simple way of enhancing the appearance of your hearth. The panels are manufactured using the highest quality materials available and serve two main purposes, to reflect heat generated from the fire back into the room and to keep heat from penetrating into the firebox causing it damage. Refractory panels are specifically built to withstand extreme heat and come in several different designs. Lindemann Chimney’s refractory panels are easy to install. They can be cut with ordinary wood-working tools and produce very little dust. They can be easily drilled, or a router used if a gas line for a gas log lighter or gas log set is desired. A good rule of thumb for knowing when to replace refractory panels is when it has cracks the thickness of a dime or when the surface of the panel has abraded more than ¼”.

Skamol Refractory Panels

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