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Viper Cleaning Systems: 6 Facts You Need to Know

Monday, July 21, 2014 11:41:13 AM America/Chicago

Viper Cleaning SystemsThe task of cleaning a chimney can be a time-consuming, dirty job. Professional chimney sweeps are constantly looking for new ways to speed up the process while continuing to offer the same level of service their customers have come to expect. One of most popular innovations to hit the market is the Viper Cleaning System. 

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5 Tips for Making Report Writing Easier

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 8:26:48 AM America/Chicago

While chimney professionals spend the majority of their time out in the field, they also must dedicate a period of their working hours to writing detailed reports.  This job can be both tedious and time-consuming especially if you don’t have a standard system to follow.  Take the guesswork out of the process by following a few simple strategies to help the work go by faster while remaining accurate and thorough.

Lindemann University Here are 5 tips for making your report writing easier:

1.  Use scripted paragraphs – Scripted paragraphs are a great way to speed up the report writing process.  Scripted paragraphs can be used for common defects, standard condition descriptions, and more.  This practice also keeps your documentations uniform and consistent.

2.  Use standard forms – Using a standard form for inspections and other common services is vital to remaining consistent in your business practices.  This is especially true if your company has a large team of technicians.  Remember to update the forms as industry codes and guidelines change.

3.  Take time to proofread – Take time to proofread reports before the final document is presented to the customer.  Errors and misspellings can make you appear unprofessional.  While it may be more difficult to complete in the field, editing your reports will create a polished end-product.

4. Know your audience – There are 3 main types of report writing: real estate inspections, proposals, and performance-based reports.  Each one has a different reader to consider.  Make sure to write to your audience by including only essential information and tailoring the language and style to fit their needs.

5.  Take a class – Consider enrolling in a course to learn more about proper writing techniques.  A number of professional chimney organizations provide classes on the topic.  For example, the Chimney Institute of America (CSIA) offers an Inspection and Report Writing course covering topics such as scripted paragraphs, writing styles, and photography skills.  

Keeping you informed, Lindemann Chimney Supply is dedicated to helping those in the chimney profession grow their business.  We strive to provide our dealers with information on the latest industry practices along with tips to help run their business effectively.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog.

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NEW Space Saving Stackable Caps

Thursday, May 1, 2014 11:37:04 AM America/Chicago

Stackable Caps

NEW Stackable Caps Now Available!

We are now carrying a NEW Space Saving Stackable Caps. These are in stock and available to ship Same Day, with our Free Shipping! These space saving caps have a removable lid that allows easy access for chimney cleaning.  Available in a 7 sizes, these caps can fill your every need.  

Contact us today to learn more or place your order.

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Making Historic Homes Safer with Metal Chimney Liners

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 5:04:44 AM America/Chicago

Although little has changed over the last century in how chimneys are constructed and maintained, many historic homes may be plagued with chimney lining issues. Some homes lack a liner entirely while others have clay tile liners. Because of how they are built, clay tile liners deteriorate over time and are prone to damage from house settling, extreme weather conditions, and other chimney ailments. One of the most critical repairs a sweep can provide to customers with older homes is a metal chimney relining service. In fact, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) advises that clay tile lined flues should be replaced when signs of damage or deterioration are detected.

Why Liners Matter

Chimney liners help remove smoke and hot gases from the chimney flue dispersing them safely outside. When a chimney lacks a liner or the current liner is damaged or broken carbon monoxide and other harmful carcinogens can seep back into the home creating unhealthy living conditions. Liners also prevent burning ambers from reaching the living space further wreaking havoc within the home.

Inspecting the Existing Chimney

The best way to determine if a home’s chimney is lined and if that lining is intact is through a thorough video scan. During this inspection, the sweep will want to note any other concerns that may interfere with the relining process. It may also be helpful to show homeowners the video footage to more easily explain the current conditions and how liner replacement will help remedy any issues.HeatFab_Stainless_Liner

Benefits of Metal Liners

Metal liners are recognized by the chimney industry as one of the best ways to add safety to the fireplace. They are an easy, affordable solution for historic homes that either lack a chimney liner or have one that has cracked or missing clay tiles. The metal construction of these liners makes them durable and strong enough to last for years to come. Their flexibility also ensures they can be installed into flues of varying sizes and shapes. When repairs are needed, replacement with a metal liner can also assist homeowners in bringing their older chimneys up to current safety code standards. 

Lindemann Chimney Supply offers professionals in the industry one of the largest selections of quality metal liner systems along with all the tools needed to complete the job. To pass along even more value to the customer, the company also provides free shipping and returns to its dealers within the continental United States and Canada.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog

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4 Apps Every Chimney Contractor Needs

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 9:21:05 AM America/Chicago

Device applications, or “apps” for short, can offer more than just fun games and access to your Facebook profile. They can also help keep your business moving while you are out in the field. There are a number of apps specifically designed for the chimney industry along with others that can assist with your day-to-day business tasks. Whether you use an Android or iPhone, apps are a great way to make the tough job of chimney sweeping easier.

Here are 4 of the most useful apps for chimney contractors:

  1. NCSG’s Mobile App – The National Chimney Sweep Guild now offers a helpful app sure to keep you informed when out on a job. NCSG members can access installation manuals, search for supplier coupons, access important industry-specific phone numbers, and even browse Sweeping magazine articles. This app will work on a number of platforms including Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices. To learn more, click here.

  1. SmartScan – Although not technically an app, Lindemann Chimney Co. offers the helpful SmartScan technology. SmartScan allows contractors to utilize existing device capabilities to effortlessly view the inside of the flue on their smartphone during chimney inspections. Syncing the SmartScan to their handheld device, professionals in the field use the phone’s own camera apps such as “Cam for Ipad” for Apple devices and “Camera Remote” for Androids to analyze the images. A separate SmartScan Starter Rod Kit can be purchased to make the job even easier. Learn more about SmartScan by visiting Lindemann Chimney Supply’s website here.
     SmartScan in Use

  1. Google Maps – Finding your customer’s home or place of business has never been quicker. Use the free Google Maps app to quickly access turn-by-turn directions to wherever you are heading. Keeping you hands-free, the app also provides voice-guided GPS directions. Learn more about Google Maps here.

  1. Square – Looking for an easier way to accept credit cards payments on the go? Square offers a low-cost app to easily charge transactions using a smartphone or tablet. There are no monthly fees but the company does charge a 2.75% service fee for each transaction you process. Visit their site here for more information.


Lindemann Chimney Supply is a firm believer in using technology to make the dirty jobs of chimney sweep’s easier. Whether you need assistance with industry-specific tasks or processing payments, there are apps out there to help.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog

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Grow your Business by offering Outdoor Spaces

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 6:05:08 AM America/Chicago

If you are experiencing stagnating sales numbers with little growth consider adding outdoor spaces to your list of services. While the chimney and indoor fireplace will remain your bread and butter bringing the same elements to the backyard can be a great way to stack services and build your customer base. The trend has been gaining momentum over the last couple years and is now hotter than ever. Rather than letting your competitors get all the business, devise a plan to get your piece of the pie.

Read on to learn more about the endless possibilities that outdoor services provide and how they can help your chimney sweep business flourish.

Backyard Fireplaces & Fire pits
Popular among homeowners, fireplaces and fire pits offer by far the most opportunity for your success. While some customers will always prefer a wood-burning pit, others are looking to add ease and function to the space with a gas unit. Offering services that range from the basic to those with custom brickwork and design features will ensure you have options to meet any budget.

outdoor_gasOutdoor Kitchens Who wouldn’t want their own chef’s kitchen in their backyard? Many homeowners are increasing their living space by crafting additional “rooms” outside. Creating a warming place to cook, eat, and entertain, outdoor kitchens are quickly become a luxury home “must” adding value to many higher-end properties. As a contractor, keep in mind that these services often require a little more attention to detail than a fireplace. Consideration needs to be taken for outfitting the kitchen with fixtures and supplies that can handle harsher outdoor climates and exposure to the elements.

Commercial Services Outdoor spaces aren’t just for homeowners; commercial customers are also interested in bringing the heat outside. Businesses, especially those in the service industry, are always striving to offer their customers and guests the ultimate “wow” factor. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through unique features such as an outdoor entertaining area.

Some of the industries include:

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Retirement Homes & Communities

  • Outdoor Shopping Malls

Lucky for you, many of the same tools and supplies we use for the interior can be used for the creation of exterior masterpieces. Partnering with Lindemann Chimney Supply, our dealers have access to quality products at great prices. With one of the largest inventories around our commitment to our dealers can’t be beat.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog

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Industry Recall Basics: What you should know

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 3:08:53 AM America/Chicago

While we often relate recalls to baby cribs and peanut butter, these important safety alerts can pop up in the chimney industry as well. Though not as frequent, these call-to-actions are often critical to the health and safety of those we serve – our customers. While our clients may not have these recalls on their radar, it is important for us, as professionals in the industry, to inform and assist our customers whenever the need arises.

Types of Recalls

Chimney and fireplace industry recalls can come in a number of forms for a number of types of products. From gas fireplace inserts to pourable gel fuel to gas log sets, no sub-section of the industry is immune. Government-issued recalls can be issued by differing agencies including the Food & Drug Administration and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How to Check for Recalls

An easy way to check for the latest recalls is to visit the National Chimney Sweep Guild website’s recall page here. With recalls spanning the last couple years, the guild’s list is comprehensive and updated regularly. They also provide helpful links and contact information that relates to each specific recall. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission also lists various nationwide recalls for a large number of industries. Visit them here and search using key terms such as “gas fireplace” and “gas fireplace inserts” to find industry-related releases. On this site, you can also discover consumer safety alerts dating back to the early 1980’s!

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we are committed to keeping you informed on the latest industry news including recalls that affect the business you work in every day. We strive to help our dealers keep their customers safe while providing them accurate and relevant recall information.

Contact us for dealer information or to request a catalog

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Enervex Chimney Fans: 7 Facts Every Professional Should Know

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 4:56:10 AM America/Chicago

Lindemann Chimney Supply offers our dealers the best in chimney fans: the Enervex-Exhausto line of chimney fan products. While these fans aren’t installed every day, it is important for professionals in the chimney industry to know how they work and be able to answer any questions homeowners may have. Keeping you informed, we have compiled 7 facts that every sweep should now.

Here are 7 facts every chimney professional should know about the Enervex Chimney Fan product line:

  1. Each Enervix-Exhausto chimney fan comes equipped with a motor speed control. These controls can also be purchased separately for replacement purposes.


  1. Every Enervex chimney fan comes with a two year factory warranty, 10 year corrosion perforation warranty, and a 6 month money back guarantee.


  1. Use a chimney fan sizing chart to easily determine which fan is right for your customer’s flue. If their flue size isn’t listed on the chart, use the nearest flue size with the largest fan.


  1. Energy consumption is not an issue with these helpful tools. Each fan consumes about as much energy as a standard light bulb.


  1. The Enervex Chimney fans do not require their own circuit making them easy to install and maintain.


  1. Fans are kept on any time that the fireplace is in use but homeowners can keep the fan at the lowest speed if needed.


  1. Hinges on the fan allow it to be tilted open during yearly chimney cleanings – no need for its removal!

Not a dealer yet? Lindemann Chimney Supply offers a quality dealer program designed with the chimney professional in mind. Visit our website here to request to be a dealer.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog

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5 Easy Ways to Help You Get More Customer Referrals

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3:36:39 AM America/Chicago

While many of us our experts when it comes to chimney installations and repairs we often need a refresher course when it comes to building sales and increasing our customer base. One of the best ways to accomplish both is through quality customer referrals. Especially when working in a smaller territory, these leads can be invaluable to both the seasoned pro and the sweep just starting out in the business. While it may seem awkward at first to request a referral there are some strategies you can try to make the task easier and more comfortable to accomplish.

Here are 5 easy ways to score more customer referrals for your small business:

  • To get a good referral, you first need to provide quality work. By offering clients world class service, you are sure to increase your referrals and positive advertising through word-of-mouth.

  • Since referrals in our industry are often based on our service and ability to perform a satisfactory installation or repair, we can often ask our customers for a referral right away. While you could probe your client before they leave, you may want to consider asking during a follow-up phone call or email. These types of communications are less-threatening for customers making them more likely to respond.

  • How you ask for a referral is a key component to increasing your leads. Rather than putting your customers in a tough spot with questions such as “Do you know someone else who might be interested on our chimney services?” try sticking with more open-ended referrals or general questions. One example of a more positive request is: “Can you think of any individuals who are experiencing that same chimney issue as yourself?” These more natural questions help the customer take an analytical approach to your request.

  • Received a not-so positive review? Don’t let it get you down. Turn a lemon into lemonade. Reach out to the customer to see how you can improve your service or correct any issues. What started out as a negative could turn into one of your biggest assets.

  • Lastly, when a referral results in a sale make sure to send a sincere “thank you” note to the customer who supplied the lead. They will appreciate the gesture and, as an added bonus for you, will be more likely to offer another in the future.

At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we strive to also provide our customers and dealers world class service. By offering quality chimney products at competitive prices, we hope to help you continue to grow your small business.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog

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Gelco Chimney Caps: A Fit for Every Need

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 5:33:30 AM America/Chicago

As spring takes over in the Midwest, homeowners will be looking to update the exterior of their home including replacing their chimney caps. Keeping debris and animals out of the chimney structure and home, Gelco caps offer both durability and function at a great value to both you and your customer. Since 1979, these caps have provided homeowners protection and innovation in their quality line of products. Lucky for our dealers, Lindemann Chimney Supply offers a full-line of Gelco caps to service any home’s needs.

Gelco Single-Flue

Gelco’s single-flue caps are cross-braced for added strength and feature a deep, double channel base. These caps come in black galvanized, stainless steel, and copper. These flues also offer a lifetime warranty, a huge selling point you can share with your customers.

Gelco Single Flue

Gelco Multi-Flue

Gelco’s multi-flue caps come fully-assembled for the sweep’s convenience and attach to the mortar’s crown. Also featured in multiple finishes, these caps are sure to match any client’s unique needs. Easy to store and ship, these flues come knocked down from the manufacturer.


Custom Gelco Caps

Is your client’s chimney in need of a custom-fit cap? Gelco also offers custom design and manufacturing of their caps configured to the exact necessary specifications.

Lindemann Chimney Supply offers a comprehensive line of Gelco chimney caps designed with all types of chimneys in mind. If you’re a dealer looking to fit a custom Gelco cap, contact our service team today to receive pricing and product information.

Contact us for more information or to request a catalog


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