As a chimney supplier and an owner of a chimney service business Lindemann Chimney Co., likes to pass on information about products that we frequently use and one of them is ChamberTech 2000. It has been making fireplace smoke chambers safer for more than a decade. It was originally developed as a solution to resolve improper clearances/constructions for masonry fireplaces. However, it does much more. When installed correctly ChamberTech will provide the following benefits:


  • Makes a smoother transition for flue gases from the damper to the flue eliminating turbulence and increasing efficiency.
  • The insulating value in ChamberTech 2000 reduces heat loss which contributes to a stronger draft.
  • It solves inadequate clearances to combustibles resolving heat transfer issues.
  • Provides structural strength.
  • Reduces creosote build-up.
  • Makes cleaning the smoke chamber much easier and quicker.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution to other repair options.
  • UL Listed to zero clearance to combustibles when installed according to instructions,

ChamberTech 2000 is a super sticky insulating refractory mortar. Many contributors such as time, heat, moisture and acid attack take their toll on smoke chambers and chimneys.

A chimney may also be improperly built. When fireplaces are built, masons often leave the smoke chamber corbeled (stair-stepped) which is rough and contributes to turbulent draft. It also makes cleaning and maintenance very difficult. Also, inadequate brick thickness and/or improper clearances to combustibles can lead to overheating of these materials and a fire.  While a fireplace can be rebuilt and the chimney relined, it has been much harder to repair the smoke chamber.

With the proper installation of ChamberTech 2000 most fireplace smoke chambers can be brought up to code. Here are some tips for using ChamberTech 2000:

Parged Smoke Chamber

  • Minimum 1 1/2" thickness of Chamber-Tech 2000 required
  • Can be built up to any thickness
  • Existing masonry smoke chamber can be as thin as 4" nominal thickness
  • Exterior combustibles can be touching the masonry
  • Brings most smoke chambers "up to code"
  • Reduces the risk of fire and smoke leaks
  • Can be used on any masonry smoke chamber configuration
  • Adheres to any masonry surface
  • Use a bottle or pop can to "round out" the corners making them smooth for easy cleaning and less turbulence.
  • A paint mixing paddle or mortar mixing paddle hooked to a drill makes mixing ChamberTech 2000 easier.
  • ChamberTech 2000 can be mixed right in the bucket.
  • Mix the dry mix before adding water in case the dry mixture has settled.
  • The wet consistency of ChamberTech should be this: When rounded into a ball and slightly tossed upward, it should land in the hand with none slipping between the fingers. The ball should not break apart or this means it's too dry.
  • When parging the smoke chamber start at the top and "slap" some ChamberTech against the surface to get an adequate bond. You can use your hand or a margin trowel. Once this "foundation" is solidly established then begin to build down.
  • Use protective gloves, proper eye protection and respiratory protection.
  • ChamberTech 2000 will set up slightly faster than regular mortar. Only mix what you will use within 30 minutes.
  • Overworking the material can cause the suction bond to be broken.
  • 24 hours of curing time must be allowed before a fire is started.
  • An average smoke chamber takes 2-4 buckets of ChamberTech 2000.

Smoke chamber repair and restoration is a great add on service to any chimney relining or firebox repair job. It makes brings most smoke chambers up to code while enhancing draft and ensuring your next cleaning job will go quicker and smoother. Give ChamberTech 2000 a try today.