Chimney Cleaning Supplies

Chimney Brushes & Rods

We are proud to offer a large variety of chimney cleaning supplies including quality chimney brushes and rods. You see, we have a chimney cleaning operation based in the Chicago area. We are out there every day, just like you, working hard and getting dirty. So whatever type of situation you’ve encountered, it’s likely that we’ve seen it, and have the chimney tools to do the job. We feature six different chimney cleaning systems for your cleaning preferences.

Check out our fine selection of sweep tested chimney cleaning supplies:

Button-Lok® chimney brushes and rods feature a large button that when pressed, releases at the joint. The fittings quickly snap back together. They are available in three styles: Poly, Steel and Fiberglass. The Button-Lok® brush categories are Round Wire, Flat Wire, Poly, Poly Pro Lite, Wood Core, Chamber Brush (Don King) and a Cone Brush. Button-Lok® Tile Breakers, Chain Whips and Stinger (cable) Whips are also available. Adaptors are available to connect to virtually any other type of brush.

A.W. Perkin's new Rotary Smoke Chamber Cleaning Brushes flare out as the spin, wiping creosote and debris out of the smoke chamber. It reaches into corners, cracks and irregular surfaces to remove hard-to-reach soot. The Black Brush is made of thicker fibers for heavier build-ups of soot. the Yellow Brush is for lighter dustings of soot.

⅜ Standard Fiberglass Chimney Brushes and Rods have historically been used to clean chimneys for decades. The chimney rods and brushes simply screw together. Chimney brush types available are Round Wire, Flat Wire and Poly Propylene. Quick Disconnect Adaptors can be purchased separately for quick rod/rod and rod/brush connections.

Pellet/Dryer Vent Cleaning System rods are small and flexible for bending around sharp corners found in pellet and dryer vent systems. The small brush simply screws on to the end of the rod. 

Large European Threaded chimney rods and brushes screw together with a large thread. Chimney brushes available are the Wood Core floppy bristle brushes. Other chimney cleaning tools are also available: Fixed Scraper, Hinged Scraper, Harpoon, Retrieving Tool, Double Worm Screw and Boring Tool

ProKleen chimney rods are made of metal and have little pop up buttons which secure the joints together. This heavy-duty system is made primarily for rotary type cleaning. The following chimney tools are available in the ProKleen® style: Wizard®, Glaze Removal Chains, Tile Breakers and Adaptors.

Viper® Cleaning Systems are available in three types. The most popular unit is the Viper®. It’s used for sweeping medium and large chimneys. The Handy Viper® is used for small to medium sized chimneys. The Mini Viper® is great for cleaning pellet vents, gas pipes, dryer vents and ventilation ducts. Viper® Brushes are available as threaded brushes in either Perlon or Stainless Steel. The Star (flat) Brushes are available in Perlon, PEK and in Stainless Steel Round and Stainless Steel Flat Wire.

Miscellaneous chimney brushes and tools include the Chamber Tool for cleaning the smoke chamber, a simple “U” Brush for cleaning those hard to access corners of a firebox and smoke chamber. Other brushes include the Chamber Brush for cleaning smoke chambers, the Scratch Brush for fireboxes, dampers, grates and the smoke shelf. Our 5' long Nylon Rod Caddy holds up to 20 rods.

Blockage Removal Chisels are available with two different fittings. The Large European Threaded Tool screws onto a Large European Threaded Rod.

Torque Lock Connectors (TLC) feature a tongue and groove connection. To attach the TLC Rods, TLC Specialty Cleaning Tools , TLC Brushes, and TLC Adapters just snap them together! No need to compress the button. To disconnect, just push the button and pull apart. This can even be done with your gloves on! TLC will revolutionize the sweeping industry.

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We offer a wide variety of vacuums to make your life easier. The Ro-Vac® System is versatile, offering three motors for different applications: dryer vent, chimney cleaning and grinding and breaking tiles. The Sootsweeper II® has been a mainstay in the industry for decades. It packs a lot of suction to help control airborne debris. Ro-Vac® offers a one motor vacuum for those small jobs. The TurboSweeper®, although not designed for chimney cleaning air control, still filters a lot of air and is designed to pick up debris found in flues, smoke shelves and fireboxes. The Chimney Sweeper Vacuum is a powerful, lightweight easy to clean vacuum. It features a powerful, heavy duty 2 ½ hp, bypass two stage motor

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Rug Runners and Drop Cloths

Use our rug runners and dropcloths to protect your customer’s home from dust and debris. Made of 12 ounce durable cotton canvas, these washable drop cloths protect the surface as well as making clean-up easier.

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