Fan Controls

Fan Controls allow users to vary the speed of their fan. Most importantly, certain fan controls can monitor and maintain proper speed of a chimney fan. Some of our fan controls are able to detect insufficient draft protection and shut down the heating appliance. Adjustable fan controls allow you to save energy, time and money.

ADC150-Modulating Fan w/Damper Control & Pressure Transducer

MSRP: $1200.99
Our Price: $1090.99
Save: 9.16%
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ADC 100 Draft Control for Gas Fireplaces

MSRP: $581.99
Our Price: $528.99
Save: 9.11%
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PDS-1 Proven Draft Switch

MSRP: $179.99
Our Price: $162.99
Save: 9.44%
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Alarm/Motor Speed Control

MSRP: $719.99
Our Price: $653.99
Save: 9.17%
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Motor Speed Control

MSRP: $54.99
Our Price: $49.99
Save: 9.09%
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