Chimney Sweep Tools

Lindemann Chimney sells a large assortment of chimney supplies, tools and accessories. Our extensive inventory is sure to assist customers on any job site. Our top sellers include: scaffolding, ladders, drill bits, drivers and screws, cutting tools, tile breakers, gasket repair, tape and masonry tools. Whether your tool needs are simple or complex, we are certain that we have the product to fit your needs. Masonry work can be complex and requires specific materials and tools to complete properly. At Lindemann Chimney we pride ourselves on selling not only masonry tools but cleaning and repair supplies, allowing every job to be completed in its entirety. Our chimney sweeps are an integral part of our business and their safety is a top priority. To ensure this, we sell an assortment of safety equipment along with chimney brushes, rods, brush adapters, vacuums, cleaning products, drop cloths and high-tech, top of the line Video Inspection Cameras and equipment.