Crack & Joint Sealant

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DESCRIPTION: Crack & Joint Sealant is a unique, breathable, silicone elastomeric sealant for mortar joints, used to repair exterior cracks and prevent leaks in mortar on chimneys, brick walls, and between concrete or stone masonry units. This brush-able sealant can easily seal cracks up to 1/8” wide on mortar and brick joints to provide waterproof protection. Crack & Joint Sealant can be combined with water based ChimneySaver products immediately after application, or solvent based ChimneySaver products after the application has completely dried. This product is available in 1/2 gallon containers, comes with a ten-year warranty, and includes two (2) application brushes: 1” brush for vertical joints, and 4” brush for horizontal joints.
  • Unique, Breathable, Silicone Elastomeric Sealant
  • Used To Repair Exterior Cracks & Prevent Leaks on Chimneys, Brick Walls & Between Concrete or Stone Masonry Units
  • Brushable Sealant Great for Waterproofing Mortar & Brick!
  • Available in 1/2 Gallon Container Including Two (2) Brushes: 1" Brush for Vertical Joints & 4" Brush for Horizontal Joints
  • Features 10 Year Warranty
Save Time and Money with Chimney Saver Crack and Joint Sealant!

A unique, breathable, silicone elastomer - like a paintable caulk - that you can use for sealing minor cracks and defects in mortar joints. Product is easy-to-use and will save you the time and expense of tuckpointing.

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ChimneySaver Crack and Joint Sealant Application:

  • For best results, use product after a ChimneySaver treatment
  • If using a ChimneySaver Water-Base, product can be applied immediately following the application while the chimney is still damp
  • If using ChimneySaver Solvent-Base, allow it to completely dry before applying
  • Application Temperatures: Between 40° – 100° F
  • Application Method: Brush
  • Dry Time: Product takes about 2 - 6 hours (allow 6 hrs before rainfall)
  • Coverage Rate: 550 standard bricks or approx. 100 sq. ft. of all surface per 1/2 gal
  • Clean up with Soap and Water

Looking for additional product information? Give our qualified Sales Team a call or review these Product Data Sheets!

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