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CrownPrep Masonry Crown Conditioner

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Product Description

Improve Performance and Prep Existing Crowns with CrownPrep Masonry Crown Conditioner!

ChimneySaver CrownPrep is a proprietary water-based acrylic conditioner. It conditions and consolidates nearly all porous cement/mortar crown washes prior to application of products such as CrownSeal and CrownCoat.

CrownPrep is used prior to application of CrownSeal, CrownCoat, and other water-based, mastic-type crown repair products. Product improves durability and adhesion of repair coatings. Masonry chimney crowns are commonly made with mortar instead of the recommended concrete. The surfaces of chimney crowns made with mortar are generally sandy and porous which often harbor atmospheric dust and organic matter. This product ensures longest lasting results of repair coatings such as CrownSeal and CrownCoat.

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Technical Specifications

Directions For Use:

Weather Conditions: Surface and air temperature should be a minimum of 45°F but not greater than 95°F at the time of application. Do not apply if temperature is expected to drop below 45°F within a 4-hour period. Do not apply to frozen or frost covered surfaces. Do not apply to wet or water saturated surfaces and/or when rainfall is eminent.
Surface Preparation: Surface to be conditioned must be structurally sound, not loose. Surface must be clean and dry. Chimney crowns should be properly cleaned with a wire brush and swept to remove dust before using CrownPrep in order to consolidate soft, sandy mortar crowns. Protect roof and masonry from inadvertent spills.


Apply two liberal coats of CrownPrep wet-on-wet to the entire crown with a paint brush. Wait 5-10 minutes for CrownPrep to tack-up, then apply CrownSeal or CrownCoat as per label instructions.
Note: No need to mist crown with water before application of crown repair product.

Drying time: No drying time needed. Crown can be coated with either CrownSeal or CrownCoat within minutes after applying CrownPrep.
Coverage: 100-150 sq ft (10-15 average chimney crowns) per half gallon depending on surface texture and porosity.

Clean Up:

Wipe up inadvertent spills and drips on non-target surfaces immediately with a clean damp rag. Rinse brushes with soap and water before product dries.

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