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The Ultimate Roof Safety Device!

Nothing is more important than the safety of your technicians when in the field 
-that’s why Lindemann Chimney ensures that our technicians carry this tool on 
every single truck! The RIDGEPRO™ is the trusted roof safety device of Lindemann c
ertified chimney sweeps. 

“This tool allowed access to a chimney that we otherwise would not have been able to without the use of scaffolding. Because of this new ridge hook system, it should allow techs to get to the top of chimneys to get better measurements. I recommend sweeps carry this on their vans - gaining access to difficult chimneys will only help to save you money on labor hours, and material.”

Derek Schafernak, Lead Technician, Lindemann Chimney Service

The ultimate tool to get you safely from the ladder, to the roof peak, and back again - the RIDGEPRO™ is the preferred safety device for our professional chimney sweeps! The main body is constructed of high-grade aluminum, capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of pulling force, and features an adjustable pitch-selection grid with an incremental range, able to adjust from 6/12 to 12/12 roof pitches. The two padded cross members are designed to protect any existing surface material from damage, balances the user, and has four holes that can receive 5/16” lag bolts as an anchoring option. The RIDGEPRO™ also features a stainless steel shackle to receive the rope and harness clip, and a set of pre-installed wheels to roll The RIDGEPRO™ to and from the peak. 

Take advantage of the built-in coupler that receives the RidgePro Extension Pole - a locking extension pole (not nylon-threaded) which can extend from 8’ - 16’ (sold separately) to easily reach the roof peak!

Looking for more roof safety products and information? Give our qualified Sales Team a call today, and ask about our CSIA Certified Safety Program!

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The RIDGEPRO Features:

  • The Ultimate Roof Safety Device
  • An Essential Tool per Lindemann Chimney CSIA Certified Safety Program
  • High-Grade, Aluminum Construction
  • Extreme Pulling Force Resistance!
  • Features Adjustable Pitch-Selection Grid & Incremental Range, Adjusting from 6/12 - 12/12 Roof Pitches
  • Two (2) Padded Cross Members Protect Existing Surfaces & Balances the User
  • Four Pre-Drilled Holes Capable of Receiving 5/16" Lag Bolts as an Anchoring Option
  • Stainless Steel Shackle Receives Rope & Harness Clip
  • Pre-Installed Wheels Roll Easily to Roof Peak

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