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Product Description

Tips & Tricks of the Trade: Tile Breaking

Lindemann Chimney Professional Technicians are tile breaking in the field every day, and know the best practices when it comes to this kind of dangerous work! 

Here are a few tips from our professionals when it comes to tile breaking:

  • Always check your equipment. Make sure that your drill is properly operating, and that your bits, rods, etc. are in proper working condition.

  • Always ensure proper dust control is in place before tile breaking. Our technicians make sure to use plenty of drop cloths, board up the fireplace opening, and seal with high-grade duct tape. A high-powered vacuum, and hose are then inserted into the fireplace opening and sealed again with tape to further assist in the capture of dust, and debris.

Pro Tip: After setting up your dust control, test it out - break a few tiles, and make sure nothing gets past your dust control measures!

  • Be aware of your surroundings, and construction of the chimney. Be aware that additional flues, such as those for appliances, can run up the same chimney stack. Before you begin tile breaking, make sure that you eliminate the chance to break through a flue wall and into another.

Pro Tip: Take note of the size of the smoke chamber, and the firebox before tile breaking! Sometimes tile can build up where the throat damper previousl existed, or the firebox can full up too rapidly and break through your dust control measures.

  • If your tile breaking tool gets stuck, don’t force it! Don’t attempt to forcibly remove your tile breaking tool if it gets stuck - this can result in damage to your equipment or the customers house.
  • Don’t push your drill too hard! Slow and steady, one tile at a time - make sure to be deliberate in your work to avoid accidents and damage to your equipment or your customers house. Also, use a drill that has a handle to ensure the user has more control of their tile breaker.
  • If masonry work has been performed recently, give it some time to set. A good rule of thumb is to give any masonry work 1-2 days to completely set/cure before tile breaking begins.

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