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Wohler VIS 500 Inspection Camera

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Product Description

Wohler VIS 500 Inspection Camera

The perfect chimney sweep camera must be an all-rounder, suitable for any application. No matter whether for inspection from the roof or through an inspection opening from below: With the Wohler VIS 500 inspection camera, you are relying on a proven system from the specialist with brand new technology. Even dark chimneys are brightly illuminated by the camera LEDs and additional lighting, so you can see more than others. Due to the interchangable camera heads, you are perfectly equipped for all applications. You simply control the pan and tilt camera head via a key pad, so that you have everything in view. The monitor then provides you with razor-sharp and true-color images on which you can see every detail. This means you no longer have to spend time guessing. Your findings are based on facts that you can show your customer. You can choose to store images and videos in the camera‘s large internal memory or on a USB stick, which you can hand over to the customer if desired.

Technical Specifications

• TFT display: 7" / 16:9 Format
• Resolution: 1.024 x 600 px
• Connecting cable: 2 m
• Power supply: USB-C 5 V / 3 A 3,7 V / 11,4 Ah
• Operating time: 6 h
• Dimensions: 9.6" x 5.5" x 2.1"
• Weight: 1.5 lbs

Wohler pan / tilt camera head Ø 1.5":
• Resolution: 720 x 480 px (NTSC)
• Viewing angle: 130°
• Light source: white LEDs (12 pieces)
• Protection class: waterproof IP 67
• Dimensions: Ø 1.5" x 2.4"
• Transmission frequency Locator: 9.2 kHz / 8.9 kHz / 512 Hz

Wohler miniature camera head Ø 1":
• Resolution: 720 x 576 px (PAL) 720 x 480 px (NTSC)
• Viewing angle: 145°
• Light source: weiße LEDs (12 pieces)
• Protection class: pressurized waterproof IP 68
• Dimensions: Ø 1" x 1.5"
• Transmission frequency Locator: 9.2 kHz / 8.9 kHz / 512 Hz

Camera pushrod:
Length: 100

Additional Product Info

Sell Sheet


Suitcase camera, monitor with cable camera for inspections from the roof, monitor with camera viper for inspections from the roof and ground
Future-proof thanks to Wohler video inspection app: operation, image view and report
• Convincing image quality with true-colour for fast and safe work
• Double-shell case with separate compartment for the camera rod for  cleaning with water
• Bright illumination with camera LEDs and optional additional lighting
• Intuitive handling with uniform operating concept of the Wohler VIS series

Damage analysis, inspection and documentation of:
• Exhaust pipes from Ø 2.2" 
• Chimneys up to 10.2"
• Air ducts / ductwork and riser inspections
• Intermediate ceilings, cavities, shafts

Modular system: one monitor, many applications through upgrade sets Optics pan 360° and tilt 180° – even the smallest defects are visible
Waterproof pan and tilt camera head Ø 1.5" for an all-round view
Waterproof miniature camera head with Ø 1" for inspecting tubes Ø 1.5" with 87° bends (optional)
Electronic position and angle indication of the camera head in the display
Independent operation due to lithium-ion battery with 6 hours operating time
Integrated transmitter in the camera head for locating with the Wohler L 200 Locator
• Home function for aligning the camera head in a straight position – display parallel to the pipe
Electronic position and angle indication of the camera head in the display
Manual control of LED lighting
• Voice over via headset

Data management
Documentation on site for you and your customers: Direct storage of photos and videos on the integrated memory (4 GB) or on a USB stick.
WLAN interface for live image transmission

Locating with Wohler L 200 Locator (optional)
 Integrated transmitter in the camera head enables location of the camera head
• Targeted damage repair
• Telescopic holder of the locator facilitates locating on the floor or in the ceiling area
• Chalk holder with chalk for direct marking of the damaged area
• Long-life lithium-ion battery

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