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Troubleshooting - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Suspected Separation of Vent/Moisture Stains: If there are moisture stains on ceilings or walls it’s likely that the dryer vent may have separated. The stains don’t even have to be exactly at the separation but are usually in the near vicinity. The Noise Maker is a great tool to use to identify this type of situation. It attaches to the ButtonLok® Dryer Vent Rods, then to the Dryer Vent Drill Adaptor into your drill. The Noise Maker can pinpoint the separation location – the noise will stop. This is very helpfully when needing to cut into a wall or ceiling to repair the vent.

Clogged Vent: A clogged dryer vent can extend drying time as well causing exhaust products to back up into the home. The Dryer Vent Diagnostic Tools can be used to identify a blockage. Once determined, the Blockage Removal Tool helps to remove bird’s nest or hardened lint clogs. It attaches to Buttonlock® Dryer Vent Rods, which in turn attach to a drill with the Dryer Vent Drill Adaptor. The Noise Maker is very useful in pinpointing the location of the clog.