Chimney Liner Insulation

Chimney liner insulation is designed specifically for metal chimney liners. Liners help prevent creosote build-up by not allowing the flue gases to cool down too much. Creosote is highly flammable and is the leading cause of chimney fires. Chimney liner insulation is also a safety issue when relining a chimney for a wood burning stove. It keeps creosote build-up down in the event of a chimney fire. There are two types of ways to insulate your chimney. Thermix insulation is a ready to mix compound that simply mixes with water and pours into the space between the liner and the masonry chimney. A great solution when space is too tight to install a blanket style insulation. Insulation blankets are typically used when there is sufficient space to be installed and greatly reduce creosote build-up. When you use insulation blankets, the reline job provides a zero clearance and achieves UL1777 rating. Insulation blankets can withstand temperatures up to 2100 degrees F.