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CleanBurn Universal Woodstove Thermometer

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Product Description

The CleanBurn Universal Woodstove is optimal for stovepipes and stovetops!

Use it for inner and outer readings with easy "place & go" setup. Just place the magnetic thermometer 12 to 18 inches above the stovepipe, or on the hottest part of the top to ensure your burning at optimal levels whenever your stove is in use. 

Check the top ring for the stove top and the middle ring for the stovepipe. A simple 3-sectional gauge helps you quickly adjust to the best range and temperature.

Too Cool: In this range, you can experience creosote buildup and smoke. this can cause the stove's combustor to malfunction. Burning at lower temperatures can lead to excess cleanings of the stove.

Optimal: Optimal is the most efficient range to burn fuel. Burning at these temperatures will lessen the pollution in the atmosphere, minimizing creosote buildup, and stove cleanings.

Too Hot: At these temperatures, you will be wasting fuel and increasing the chances of a chimney fire. This can also shorten the lifespan of the catalytic converter.

Technical Specifications

Instructions for Use:
The Universal Thermometer will attach to either the stovetop or the stovepipe via the magnet on the back. For stovetop placement, place on the hottest spot. For the stovepipe, place approximately 12 - 18 inches above the stove.

Temperature Readings:
The optimal zones indicated on the thermometer are safe operating temperatures where the stove will burn most efficiently. The optimal zone, on the outside of the stovetop ring ranges from 400 degrees (F), where too cool meets optimal, and up to 650 degrees (F) where optimal meets too hot. The optimal zone on the inner ring for stovepipe readings, ranges from 230 degrees, where too cool meets optimal and up to 475 degrees, where optimal meets too hot. 

Please consult your stove manufacturer's manual for recommended burning temperatures.

Safety Precautions:
Magnetic strength of the product decreases when the flue pipe surface exceeds 800 degrees (F). To prevent the thermometer from falling, drill a hole in the flue pipe and secure it in place using a screw through the eyelet in the center of the thermometer. You may also use wire and string it to the stovepipe by fastening the wire to the holes in the side. Consult your stove manufacturer before screwing into place.

Reading the Thermometer:
The top ring is for stovetop readings and the middle ring is for the stovepipe temperature readings.

This product is warranted to be free from defect for one (1) year from date of purchase. To be replaced at U.S. Fireplace Product's discretion. U.S. Fireplace Products is not responsible for any damages due to misuse.

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