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DuraBlack Damper Section

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$48.89 to $67.52
SKU: DuraBlack Damper Selection
DESCRIPTION: The DuraBlack Damper Section has a longer inner crimped wall which slides into the stove collar, ensuring a drip-free connection.
  • Crimped wall
  • Slides into stove collar
  • Durable
  • Drip-free connection
DuraBlack Damper Section

Install at, or close to, the stove outlet in-line. 5” pipe section with the damper pre-installed.
Single-wall interior stovepipe for connecting wood stoves to manufactured chimney.

Materials and Construction
DuraBlack: 24-gauge steel construction. Lock-seamed. Painted black.
DuraBlack Welded: 22-gauge steel construction.
DuraBlack Stainless Steel: .020” 430 stainless steel

DuraBlack: 6” - 10”
DuraBlack Welded: 6”
DuraBlack Stainless Steel: 6”and 8”
Installation Instructions:
DuraBlack Installation Instructions (PDF, 351KB) 
DuraBlack Francaise Instructions d'Installation (PDF, 35MB) 
Sales Sheets:
DuraBlack Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 88.6MB) 
DuraBlack Catalog Section (PDF, 3.3MB) 
DuraVent All Products Catalog (PDF, 47.4MB) 
Black Paint (PDF, 889KB ) 
DuraBlack Welded Stovepipe (PDF, 179KB ) 
DVL and DuraBlack Changes (PDF, 439KB ) 
DuraBlack Slip Connector (PDF, 350KB ) 
Snap-Lock Adapter with Trim for DuraBlack single-wall stovepipe (PDF, 197KB ) 
Recommended Touch-Up Paint for DuraVent's Black Finished Products (PDF, 375KB )
Adjustable 45 and 90 Elbows for DuraBlack (PDF, 182KB )

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