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Troubleshooting - Waterproofing


When moisture enters a chimney through porous brick or weak mortar joints deterioration starts to take place. If this moisture freezes it expands and can damage the mortar joints or cause the brick face to fall off (spalling). ChimneySaver® is a water repellent that repels moisture yet still lets moisture escape through the chimney (vapor permeable). In case of overspray, the area must be cleansed immediately with a strong solution of dish soap and water. Use caution because this will likely create a slippery roof.

MasonrySaver® Damage and stains to driveways, walkways, patios and concrete surfaces surrounding pools can be prevented with MasonrySaver®. It is more resistant to salts often found on these surfaces. It will also repel water borne stains and grime, keeping the surface cleaner. It won’t alter the surface color.

PWR® – Powdered Water Repellent:

When constructing crowns or building a chimney, PWR® can be added to the mortar mix making it waterproof upon drying. It is vapor permeable, allowing internal moisture to escape, while preventing moisture entry from the outside.

Leaking Flashing:

Damaged or deteriorated flashing can lead to a damaged roof deck or interior finishes. Often, the chimney structure is accused of causing the problem. FlashSeal® stops flashing leaks around chimneys, stacks and vents. It’s a two-fold repair system with FlashSeal® Elastomeric Sealant being applied first to the chimney and roof. Reinforcement Fabric is then applied over the FlashSeal®, then a second coat of FlashSeal® is applied, sandwiching the Reinforcement Fabric in the middle. When properly installed, it solves the problem and carries a 7 year warranty.