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DuraTech Tee Support Brackets

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$127.43 to $309.57
SKU: DuraTech Tee Support Brackets
DESCRIPTION: Use these Adjustable Tee Support Brackets for up to 50’ without straps, or 70’ with straps for DuraTech chimney pipe. These brackets adjust to provide 2” - 6” of clearance to the wall. These supports should be used for every 8’ of DuraTech chimney pipe. For 10” and 12” DuraTech chimney pipe, we offer Tee Support Brackets that can support 30’ of DuraTech chimney pipe, are non-adjustable, and provide 2” of clearance from the wall. Both of these tee support brackets can be installed above or below the tee, but each require a short section of chimney if installed below.
  • Designed For Supporting 50' (No Straps) or 70' (Straps) of DuraTech Chimney Pipe!
  • These Supports Should Be Used Every 8' of DuraTech Chimney Pipe
  • Available In Stainless Steel or Galvanized Options!
  • Adjustable Brackets: 6" - 8", Fixed Brackets: 10" & 12"
  • Provides 2" of Clearance From Combustibles & Walls

DuraTech Tee Support Brackets

Use as wall support for chimney system. Use of straps is optional. Supports up to 50’ of DuraTech Chimney without straps, and 70’ of DuraTech Chimney with straps. Attaches to chimney pipe. Can be installed above or below the Tee. If installed below the Tee, a short section of pipe is required. Adjustable base provides 2” to 6” clearance to wall.

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