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Safe Mix Insulation - 40 lb Bag

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Product Description

Safe Mix is a ready-mix masonry material. Safe Mix cures into a lightweight, semi-hard mass that forms a thermal insulation barrier to keep flue gases warm and exterior chimney surface temperatures within safe limits. When poured into the masonry chimney, Safe Mix fills voids and cracks. This eliminates airflow and moisture build-up between the liner and chimney.

Safe Mix maintains higher temperatures on liners when flue gas temperatures are low: Maintaining flue gas temperatures above dew point, (~128°F), is essential to avoid condensation. The insulating mass of Safe Mix retains the maximum available heat close to the liner: the flue stays warm for a longer period of time after the appliance shuts down. With oil and gas appliances, keeping the flue warmer between firing cycles greatly reduces the possibility of momentary flue gas spillage which occur at the start of the next cycle. With wood burning applications, warmer flues help eliminate back puffing and other draft related problems. 

A minimum order of 5 bagged Safe Mix Insulation is required. Safe Mix Insulation bags are shipped on a pallet via freight line.

Additional Product Info

Calculating the amount of Safe Mix Insulation needed:

(W x D x H) - (L x H) = Total Volume

Divide this number by 1728 to convert from cubic inches back to cubic feet. Divide the final amount by 3.25 to see how many bags of Safe Mix are needed.

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